About us

William Dean

William Dean is the owner of Ohana Law Firm.  Mr. Dean is a litigator in Hawaii’s Third Circuit Court, where he takes on significant lawsuits against insurance companies and major law firms. He practices family law in divorce, guardianship, and paternity matters. Mr. Dean handles real property transactions and litigation, including titles, liens,  encroachment, and breach of contract matters.

William Dean holds an LLM in International Law from George Washington University Law School and a Juris Doctor from the William S. Richardson School of Law in Honolulu, HI. He has a Master of Science in Finance from Boston College, a Master of Science in Miltiary Operational Art and Science from Air University, a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Political Science from the US Air Force Academy, and an Associate of Arts from Clark College.

Mr. Dean is a retired Air Force Staff Judge Advocate. During his military career he provided a wide range of legal services for military commanders, military members, and their families. He provided prosecution and military justice, contract law, trusts and estates, and family law.  He was deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he provided legal services to detainees and to the detention facility.

He is CEO of CyberTrust Co. CyberTrust uses artificial intelligence technology to help businesses form a Distributed Autonomous Organization to provide services for each other and resolve legal disputes quickly and fairly.

William Dean served as an Air Force financial management officer. He wrote multi-billion-dollar estimates for advanced Air Force programs. He managed a $35 million operating budget for U.S. military in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He founded a venture-backed biotechnology/bioenergy firm in Honolulu. He also served as a policy advisor to the Governor of Hawaii.

William Dean is currently serving as a four-year term as Commissioner of the Hawaii Elections Commission, where he oversees Hawaii’s Office of Elections and helps ensure the integrity of Hawaii’s electoral process.