Business Law
Part Time General Counsel

Ohana Law Firm attorneys are able to serve as part-time general counsel for your business and handle a variety of business law needs on your behalf. We can help you close on investment funding, sell major assets, acquire intellectual property, or win a major contract.

As a General Counsel for your business, your business will gain an umbrella of legal protection and significantly increase your bottom line profitability. Persons you do business with will be more likely to keep their end of the bargain. Your business-to-business transactions will be more credible and you will be more likely to close deals.

Business incorporation

Ohana Law Firm can incorporate your business as a C-corp, an LLC, or as an S-Corp. Ohana Law Firm can also incorporate your business as a trust, which provides far greater protections from liability, far greater secrecy, far more flexibility, and the ability to significantly improve business operations.