Family Law


Family Law: We are experienced in a wide variety of family law matters, and we are willing to take on highly contentious cases.

– We have successfully helped both mothers and fathers win 100% custody of their children.

– We have helped divorcing spouses win 100% of the marital estate.

– We have protected children from severe abuse.

– We have restored visitation to children that were wrongfully withheld from a parent for months.

– We have recovered property that was hidden from another spouse.

– We have helped clients avoid being forced to sell their house, and we defend clients from being financially taken advantage of.

– We are able to perform financial accounting of large and complex marital estates.

Child Custody

We personally understand the pain and difficulty that divorce can bring. We have experience helping people navigate through the challenges of divorce, and child custody.

– We handle complex divorces in which involve contentious child custody disputes.

– We have successfully helped both fathers and mothers win full custody of their children.

– We have protected many children from severe child abuse inflicted by a parent or caregiver.

– We have helped parents gain visitation with their children after being cut off from visitation for months or years.