I was going through an especially contentious separation after 29 years. My husband had literally abandoned me, planning months in advance, manipulating arguments, becoming verbally and mentally abusive, and finally resorting to physical violence in order to get me to call it quits. He had a huge inheritance coming and decided he did not want me to have any of it. Once he left, he immediately withdrew all financial support and cast me adrift. I was living in our jointly owned home with no income, the house was listed for sale and he was trying to force a foreclosure by not paying the mortgage. It took me 10 weeks to clean up the mess he had left the house in and then I started to look for an attorney. It was daunting, I read dozens of reviews, none seemed to have to chops I knew I was going to need for this battle. Our only real asset was the house I was in, as everything else he had was protected in trusts that had been set up by his mother. There were no savings at all, he had spent all of our savings on his children, and had driven us into bankruptcy years earlier. Well I read William Deans profile and was very impressed by what I read. He had been a JAG attorney in the Airforce, and those are the best of the best so he was the one I chose. That is the best decision I have ever made. I had good credit, several cards with high limits and no balance so I thought I’ll use those to fight this . William immediately returned my call after I filled out the on line form, he instantly understood my situation and zeroed in on a plan. Our 1st hour on the phone I felt better, and was so glad I had contacted him. I was not the easiest client, having been burned so badly I was filled with doubt and distrust, but he was extremely patient with me, taking the time to carefully explain everything he was doing and why. He is quite shrewd in a friendly, kind way that my husband did not see coming. I don’t know how he managed but I get to stay in my home, restart my business and take over financial responsibility for the property. As long as I am able to do that I can stay for my lifetime. This was mind boggling to me, even though my husband has another home free and clear, I never imagined he would relinquish claim to this house as he has been so vindictive and seemed so determined to drive me out onto the street. This is the best possible outcome I could have had, I am able to earn a good living, live in my beautiful big home on over an acre In Hawaii, pay off debts, save $ and live well! All without that manipulating, abuser bullying and terrorizing me every day. William Dean is a miracle worker who literally saved my life. I can’t believe at how reasonable his rates are either, its the best $ I ever spent. He is helping me build a new life, and making up for over 20 years of financial disaster perpetrated by my former husband. I am eternally grateful to this wonderful attorney and dear friend that helped me through the worst crisis of my life!

We asked Mr. William Dean to help us with evaluating a real estate purchase. This was a nice experience. William is a smart and knowledgeable lawyer. Many other attorneys I had worked with in the past, let their education and experience get in the way of communicating with their client. William is among the few that standout in being good listeners and efficient communicators. He listened carefully, identified our concerns, and categorized them in degree of relevance and importance. He then researched the facts efficiently and collected a full picture that was missing in the 3rd party’s title report. His help was essential for making our final decision with confidence. I highly recommend him.

We used Ohana Law Firm to settle a legal matter. Like previous reviewers we were new to the legal system but William Dean helped us to settle our case in our favor. He was extremely responsive. I wholeheartedly recommend Ohana Law Firm.

So grateful to William Dean and his expertise in managing our very complicated case. It was really difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel but his relentless pursuit led us to a victory in a little more than 4 months! We were truly blessed to have found him and highly recommend him if you need an attorney.

For the first time in my life, I needed legal representation. Like many others, I struggled tremendously through the pandemic. I was fortunate to be referred to William Dean. He was patient and diligent in handling my issue and I don’t know what I would have done without his assistance. He showed the kindness and integrity that restores faith in humans. If you find yourself in need of legal assistance, I highly recommend his services.