Civil Litigation

Circuit court

Civil Law: We practice general civil litigation and we are willing to hear any lawsuit proposal you might bring to us.  Here are some examples of cases we take:

– We sue major insurance companies who refuse to pay claims after a homeowner’s property is destroyed.

– We handle personal injury lawsuits, which may arise from auto accidents or medical mistakes.

– We sue on behalf of property purchasers who bought property with major defects that were not disclosed by the seller.

– We sue to enforce contracts that we draft. Our business law clients can receive confidence that their deal will close because we stand ready to sue to enforce the contract.

District court

We sue and defend clients in district court where the amount of controversy is less than $40,000

We advise clients who need to bring small claims actions in which the amount in controversy is less than $5000, or the plaintiff is requesting return of a security deposit.