Real Property

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate: We provide a wide range of legal services related to residential and commercial real estate.

– We defend property owners against encroachment by neighbors who build structures on the wrong side of the property line.

– We sue to enforce real estate contracts, and initiate lawsuits in cases where a seller fails to disclose information that significantly reduces the value of the real estate.

– We handle lawsuits concerning commercial and residential evictions. We have recovered millions of dollars in real estate from overstaying tenants.

Real Estate Transactions

– We facilitate real property transactions. We draft and file quitclaim and warranty deeds to pass real property from buyer to seller, or between family members. We transfer real estate into the name of a trust or an LLC. We review real estate sales transactions to try to find issues that might become very costly if not dealt with before closing.

– We initiate eviction proceedings and we defend against eviction.

– We initiate major real-property-related litigation. We have sued on behalf of buyers who were not given disclosure of major issues in their real estate purchase. Some of these issues completely destroyed the value of their property.

– We defend clients against harassment by neighbors.

– We initiate litigation over boundary and encroachment issues.